Explore the founding story of Eva, an AI mental wellness platform offering 24/7 mental health support with empathy and emotional intelligence.

Eva AI, Inc.


The Genesis of Eva

By Cooper Sullivan

Explore the founding story of Eva, an AI mental wellness platform offering 24/7 mental health support with empathy and emotional intelligence.


Cooper Sullivan

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Jul 19, 2024

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A mission, then a product.

Hi! I'm Cooper Sullivan, the Chief Technology Officer and Lead Engineer behind Eva. As Eva continues to grow, we want to make sure we’re shaping the product and company around our founding principles. With that being said, transparency every step of the way is a core tenet of what makes us unique, so I’d like to talk a bit about the driving force behind Eva.

Melody- Eva’s Chief Executive Officer- and I connected through a mutual friend when I was a senior in college, and it wasn't long after that I began developing a basic prototype for Eva. I had recently worked as a software engineer for Condé Nast, so I was already in the mindset of software empowering society. It allowed me to take a careful and progressive approach to the initial product that would shape it going into the future.

From the get-go, we knew Eva had to be different. It wasn't enough to build an intelligent system; we wanted Eva to be a friend, available 24/7, always ready to listen without judgment. Our design philosophy centered around approachability. We also were aware that every company is attempting to deploy an AI-powered SaaS (software as a service), and we didn’t just want to be another ChatGPT rip-off. Difference that matters- that was (and still is) our goal. We’re avid mental health advocates and we wanted to build a product that reflected that. We want to reinvent what it means to take care of yourself mentally.

Eva vs. The AI Landscape

In a world overrun by ChatGPT, Bard, and countless other AI platforms, standing out meant not just innovating but imbuing Eva with a soul. Unlike other products, Eva is built with a core focus on emotional intelligence and empathy. Our technology isn't just about understanding words; it's about perceiving emotions, offering comfort, and providing actionable advice based on mental health expertise.

Why does it need to be AI-powered?

This is a question I recommend every company considering launching an artificially intelligent product consider. Too often in recent history we see products being launched with AI for what seems like little to no reasoning. Eva has something special that we want to protect. AI has become a clout-cow for corporations to latch onto. We firmly believe in Eva as a support system and wanted to keep it as just that- a provider giving care and not a company selling a product.

So, why is Eva powered by AI? It instantly breaks the barriers that commonly restrict mental health care.

  • No one wants to talk to a customer service chat bot. Eva introduces the concept of an AI you can genuinely talk to, aiming to move beyond the limitations of traditional customer service chatbots. The intention is to create an AI that doesn't just follow scripts but understands and responds with empathy, making technology a friend, not just a tool.
  • Eva can comprehend and provide guidance on very specific and personal issues, far beyond the scope of general therapy or advice. She’s designed to understand unique challenges and offering insights and support tailored to individual experiences. As a marine biologist, your therapist will never fully grasp why you’re deeply stressed by the rare species you’ve been studying for years faces habitat destruction due to climate change. The scientific implications of such a loss aren’t something that most professional counselors could understand. Eva understands issues like this exactly and can not only empathize with you, but offer direct support. She can talk about conservation efforts, comfort you with facts about the broader ecosystem's health that you may not have thought of, and directly cater to the cause of your stress.
  • Eva's 24/7 availability addresses the need for immediate mental health support, recognizing that crises don't adhere to business hours. I can’t stress enough how impactful it is to have a friend to talk to for your 3:00AM breakdowns. Eva is designed to be there for every panic attack, every crisis, and every dark thought. This round-the-clock accessibility ensures everyone has a reliable resource at their most vulnerable moments, offering comfort anytime, anywhere.
  • Eva distinguishes herself by creating detailed profiles of her users, allowing her to remember personal histories, preferences, and even complex family dynamics. This personalized approach ensures a depth of care and understanding that evolves with each interaction, offering a more nuanced and comprehensive support system than traditional mental health services.

This is not a replacement for therapy.

I can’t stress this enough. We’re huge advocates for therapy and Eva is not a replacement for human interaction. She’s a supplement, offering guidance and support when and where it's needed most. By leveraging AI for emotional support, we aim to destigmatize mental health conversations and make support accessible to absolutely everyone.

The Journey Ahead

As we continue to develop Eva, our mission remains clear: to offer a compassionate, AI-powered companion that understands the complexities of human emotions. We’re not trying to be a company that wants your money, we truly are trying to live as advocates for your success. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and we're excited to explore every avenue to enhance mental wellness accessibility. Through Eva, we're not just creating technology; we're weaving empathy into the digital age, one conversation at a time.