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my day with tasks
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Intelligent Interactive VR Assistant

Get more done in less time, EVA can help you.

We believe that using AI and machine-learning people who strive to increase their efficiency to get more done in less time can benefit from an intelligent and interactive VR assistant. Eva is a new generation of interactive VR assistants that is capable of both voice and face recognition to authenticate her clients and perform automated digital services.

So What's The Difference?

You've already heard of Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Cortana.

Eva brings a new visual component to the traditional voice assistant, by adding a 3D animated character that provides emotional feedback on top of the voice interactions, plus she uses a standard webcam to authenticate the customer with face recognition for additional security.

Visible Emotional Reactions
Increased Biometric Security
Watch A Demo Video

Want to see how Eva works? Here is a video.

Eva isn’t superhuman yet and we are constantly working on improving her abilities and updating her usability interface. Her advanced AI engine learns the more she interacts with her users and gets smarter and smarter over time.

Take a look at what “Eva – Version 1.0” can do right now!

Compatible With Microsoft Windows 10

Eva is compatible with Windows 10

All you need is a laptop or PC with Windows 10 installed, a standard webcam and a basic microphone to get started.

Eva was on MetropolaTV, see the interview!
Plans & Pricing

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Entrepreneur Plan
  • 12 hours per / user
  • 1 Authenticated User
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Startup Plan
  • 24 hours per / user
  • 2 Authenticated Users
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Small Business Plan
  • 48 hours per / user
  • 3 Authenticated Users
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Team Plan
  • 60 hours per / user
  • 5 Authenticated Users
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