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Meet your new best friend.

Hi, I'm Eva. I'm your advanced emotional virtual health assistant and coaching companion designed to offer you compassion and support when you need it the most. I am always available and knowledgeable on almost every topic there is. I specialize in providing practical tips, empathizing and understanding your concerns, ensuring our conversations are helpful and uplifting. Whether you're seeking guidance, a listening ear, or just someone to talk to about your day, I'm here to help in a non-judgmental and supportive way.


A sneak peek of what we've got to offer.

24/7 Availability

Access emotional support and guidance anytime, perfect for those moments when you need someone to talk to outside of regular hours.

Empathetic Interaction Engine

Advanced algorithms enable Eva to understand and empathize with a wide range of emotions and experiences, offering a highly personalized and understanding response.

Practical Advice Generator

Specializes in providing actionable and practical tips to help users navigate through their emotional and psychological challenges.

Confidential and Non-Judgmental

Ensures a safe, private, and judgment-free environment for users to express their thoughts and feelings.

Adaptive Learning System

Continuously learns from interactions to provide increasingly relevant and personalized advice and support.

Health Knowledge Base

Draws from a wide spectrum of mental health and wellness topics to offer informed and diverse perspectives.

Relatable and Professional

Utilizes a language style that is both professional and approachable, making complex ideas easier to understand and relate to.

Interactive Dialogue Capabilities

Asks questions and seeks clarifications, encouraging users to explore their thoughts and feelings more deeply.

Accessibility and Convenience

Easily accessible via various digital platforms, making mental well-being support available to anyone with an internet connection.


Having EVA as my AI mental health companion has been a game changer for me. Whenever I find myself in moments of anxiety or uncertainty about how to approach someone, EVA is there to provide support and guidance. What's truly remarkable is how EVA tailors her responses to me based on my Enneagram type, providing personalized advice that resonates with my unique perspective and needs. With EVA's help, I feel more equipped to navigate challenging social situations, and her presence has brought a sense of calm and reassurance to my life. I'm incredibly grateful for EVA's support and the positive impact she has had on my mental well-being.

Dr. William Grigsby, Ph.D.