Imagine an advisor that remembers every book they've ever read, every conversation you've ever had, and more. What if a counselor could have expansive knowledge of every area of psychology, mental health, and well-being, and know exactly how to apply those concepts? With Eva, you're not just getting advice; you're getting advice sculpted perfectly for you, through the powerful lens of the Enneagram. It's more than immediate relief—it's your pathway to a lifetime of emotional balance.

Eva Features

Your Personal Emotional Guide.

With Eva, uncover a deeper understanding of your emotions and behavioral patterns, steering towards more balanced mental health.

Give me the Sparknotes.

Meet Eva in three simple steps. Here's what she can do for you:

Eva is more than a chatbot, she's an emotional guide. Combining the latest in language technology with the Enneagram's time-tested wisdom, Eva offers advice that's tailored just for you. She's a leap ahead in cutting-edge tech and emotional intelligence.

Eva is designed to nurture an empathetic digital space where you can freely explore your emotions. Everything is kept private and secure. Her ultimate goal is to enhance your well-being and spark positive social change.

She adapts and evolves with you. Thanks to her advanced conversational analytics, Eva remembers past interactions and adjusts her approach. She offers a personalized experience that grows more meaningful over time. She can remember problems, people, personalities, and more.

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